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Kitchen bloopers!!!

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anything funny ever happend in the kitchen??? I'm doing an entertainment speech about all the funny stuff that happens behind the kitchen doors of a restaurant! If anyone has any funny moments to share please do... no name are needed... Thankyou :crazy:
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Here's mine:

I was working in a fast paced kitchen and we hired on a young, inexperienced dishwasher. During training, one of the cooks told him that anything we gave him, could go through the conveyor dishwasher, because half the stuff he was washing by hand and taking forever.
A couple of days later he was working, and we hit a slow time in the afternoon, so everyone was assigned some cleaning to do. We told the dishwasher to take the microwave down from its shelf, and clean it.

He threw it through the conveyor dishwasher.
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In a previous job I worked for the Cleveland Indians baseball team at Jacob's field. One time I hired a very wierd teenage dishwasher. His father made him get the job and he was none too pleased about it. He'd come into work and get mad about all of the dishes piling up and start throwing stuff. One day I about had it so I cooked up a little job for him to do. I sent him to all of the kitchens in the park (about 10) asking for clear food coloring. All of the other chefs caught on and kept sending him along. Needless to say after a week of his searching we never saw him again!
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I once backed into a meat grinder and got a little behind in my work ... :lol:

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We usually make fumet from bases... so I was excited the one day we actually had fish scraps to make stock with. I took my time skimming and straining this beautiful saffron fumet and placed it into the sink filling with ice water to cool down.

I turned my back for 3 minutes, and the container of fumet had tipped over in the sink... totally ruining my beautiful stock. I felt stupid beyond belief, especially since now I had to make some from base :mad:
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besides seeing the new guy sent to the freezer to 'mop the freezer floor', or asking the new guy to 'smell the balsamic reduction to see if it's done', or sending that one server to the restaurant across the street with a bucket to 'get a bucket of steam for our steam table', no, i can't think of a single thing!

oh, but those arent really 'bloopers'. okay, how about this...

i was a host at a restaurant and there happened to be two very attractive patrons sitting at the table in front of the condiment/coffee station. i had a ketchup bottle in my hand and they happened to both be looking in my direction when i flipped the bottle in my hand. the lid wasn't attached securely. ketchup everywhere. seriously. everwhere. they laughed. my ego was mortally wounded.

i should have learned, but i was working an expo kitchen and cute girl saddled up to the bar in front of me; i flipped the chef's knife in my hand and caught it on the blade. right into that thumb meat. freshly sharpened knife (thankfully?)

no stitches, but i had to leave the line for the day. bruised ego.
those are my most embarassing bloopers.
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How about mistakenly pouring freshly mixed powdered demi on a dessert instead of chocolate sauce... and sending it to a customer...
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bending over and burning my hinny on a very very hot oven.....we were 20 and working in shorts, this was a well know Country French Restaurant in Memphis.

At 16,
Making chocolate covered long stemmed cherries for Christmas and putting in WAY too much wax.....just like little candles, the teachers loved them.

Again, catering for $ the first time (at 17 years old).....12 guests.....bananas foster, we caught the carpet on fire. SO grateful it was my best friend's (and business partner's) brother.

Or the very experienced sous chef that cooked the "rare lamb" to well done by leaving the pan on top of the deck oven.

Oh.....really good one, a newby RD/6 mo Boston Cooking School grad, was warming tortillas on a grill and put the plastic tortilla "warmer or warm keeper"
on the grill with the tortillas inside. Melted plastic on a customer's grill.....
DUH! I'm still shaking my head over that stupidity.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Mass production class, a guy mixed up sugar for salt for a bread pudding recipe. I didn't find out till I brought a batch home and tasted it. I think you could have heard me from the bottom of my street, I live at the very top. Thankfully none of the stuff made it down to the bake shop for sale yet so chef and I had time to pull them all, his expression was way better then mine when he took a bite. Sucker trusted my word from that day on.

Another former student in my baking class was shoving things into the rotating oven and decides to speed things up a bit by quickly throwing them in without stopping it. He ends up shoving 1 pan too far, the wheel was turning clock wise so the racks on the other end came down on the over shoved pan flipping several other pans of bread over to the bottom...on the heating elements. The whole class was evacuated from the burning bread and aluminum pan smell, worse yet was that the guy who did it was from another baking class whose class wasn't disrupted and we were out of an oven for almost a full week.
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Ok, thank goodness this wasn't a paid gig! went on a trip with a friend. She put laundry detergent in an empty baby food jar. Same with salt. Can you see where this is going?

Next week we went backpacking. I grabbed the salt to go with the food we were making that night. Long day of backpacking... it was dark by the time we made camp. All starving!! I salted dinner... you get the rest. We stayed hungry. That was 29 years ago, haven't thought of it in a long time.
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My friend accidentally used the "spoon" opening instead of the shaker opening for the pepper. I heard and "uh oh" and turned around to find a mountain of pepper on our chicken dish.

I won't let her live it down. :)
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My first job, EVER...

Line Cook tells me, the 15-year-old dishwasher, to run back in the freezer and get him a box of liver for the line. Brought him the 10 pound box of cryo-vac sealed liver; he says, "what? You didn't defrost it?" So I says, "okay-where's the microwave?" So he says, "we don't have time for that! Give me that box!"

Upon which he stormed back to the dishwashing line, threw the whole box of liver into a dishwashing pan, and ran it through the DISHWASHER! It came out, he says "not done yet!" And runs it through AGAIN!

I never allowed my mom and dad to eat at that restaurant again...:eek:
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Alright let's see. Back in school one of my block mates (not really too bright) spent the night showing the dessert tray to diners. We always had homemade fresh ice cream in which we would use Crisco and color it, add strawberries, etc to mimic whatever ice cream we made. We did this because we served them on a plate in quenelles. At the end of the night during breakdown he asks if he can eat the "ice cream". We just looked at each other incredulously, shrugged and told him sure... He popped them in his mouth and oh the look on his face :confused: :suprise: :( :cry: ahh what a moment. He didn't last much longer there. Never returned for the second half!

A few years later the owner of the restaurant I was at was catering a party at a banker friend of his. We did the cooking in the living room on a rechaud. Well he wanted to show off his former cooking skills to his buddies and took over the rechaud. Too much heat and a splash of oil equals black cloud, which equals big stain on formerly white ceiling! :crazy: Ahh what a beautiful moment. After paying for a new painted ceiling he left the cooking to us :bounce::D
My latest musical venture!
Also "I'm at the age when food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact I've just had a mirror put over my kitchen table." Rodney Dangerfield RIP
My latest musical venture!
Also "I'm at the age when food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact I've just had a mirror put over my kitchen table." Rodney Dangerfield RIP
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I've a story, nothing too fancy, just having to put more corn kernel than the pot can hold. I had to hold the lid as the corns were popping.
Who doesn't love to cook?
Who doesn't love to cook?
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I was still a student that time, and my chef's uniform was new. I was in charge to do the chicken stock,when i drop my pot holder. By the time i reach to the floor i heard a loud crach behind was my pants...i quickly go to the restroom to check. Oh my GGGOOSSHHH! i have a big crack from butt to the front of my pants...since we still have 4 hours till the end of class i end up wearing 2 apron in my waist, one in front and at the back.:lol:
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Oh where to begin...

Right before my guests were to arrive I took my dessert - cheesecake out of the oven. The spring form pan fell apart and I had cheesecake all over the oven and the floor. (I was holding it from the sides not the bottom!)

I caught the grill on fire while cooking meat for my children's soccer teams' end of season parties (and their whole families) over after a previous (much larger and greasier) bbq when I hadn't cleaned the grill.
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Ive seen a similar procedure done to thaw extremely rock hard freezerburn ice cream. The manager double lined the giant ice cream container with 3 garbage bags and ran through the wash twice.

Necessity really is the mother of invention...
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The other night I dusted four chocolate souffles with wondra flour because the shaker is the same as the powdered sugar. Duh. Finally found a use for all those stickers that come with cheese, they cover the 10x shaker now.
Keep those fires burnin'
Keep those fires burnin'
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Years ago, in a place far far away, we would always drink our water, ice tea, etc. out of pitchers so we wouldn't have to refill our glasses as often on the line.
We always had those who would grab someone elses drink and guzzle away.
I never cared to drink more from my pitcher after that happened, so it was a small pain to wait until it was slow enough to get a refill.

We used to make a 5 bean salad.
We would reduce the cider vinegar with sugar, then pour it into a pitcher of ice, and when the ice melted, it was diluted perfectly and cool enough to immediately use.
One day I had one cooling on the table, and a cook comes by and picks it up and takes a looooong drink before he tastes it.
Then he looked like a rainbird lawn sprinkler.
He never hit my pitcher again.

Another time, another place, and I had to go into our cramped walk-in for something, stepping over and around buckets on the floor.
I retrieved my item, then prompty stepped back into a bucket of beef stock.
I was only an hour into my shift, and had to finish the day with a soggy foot.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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this is more of a prank.. a hot shot floozy waitress gets a "special" brulee from me. *i was told i'd be fired if i didnt brulee the mayo in the bowl! *

a young apprentice actually goes looking for a cup of steam... he actually came back after his embarrassment was over, and hes been working here a few years now.
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