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I discovered this board while googling "unbiased cooking equipment review". It seems that there aren't very many.

I'm hoping to find people to chat with and share ideas/experiences about running a restaurant, menus, ordering equipment, etc.

Right now I'm working in a management position, so I'm not really cheffing it up, but I do pick up a knife every once in a while to do menu alterations, catering gigs, and specials (when I have the time).

What I could really use right now is some advice on ordering some cooking equipment, so I guess I'll go to the cooking equipment review area now. See you there!
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This is my first time at this site. I need help with a chocolate mousse can anyone help?
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um, probably.
you might want to scroll down on the "forums" page and click on the "Professional Pastry Chef's Forum". post your question there.

btw, you should probably describe exactly what the problem is, that way people will know if they can actually help or not.

cheers and good luck.
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so, i came here to say 'hi'
and someone highjacked my topic to talk about mousse problems
i went out of my way to try to point them in the right direction
(what do i know; i'm the fng)
and still nobody welcomes me?!
maybe it's my fault (i'm socially inept).
let me try again...
hi, how are you?
ummm, hi?
here i am...tada!
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