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Hey Everybody!!!

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Hi, hows it going chef talk, my name is luke. I'm 19, just recently(6 M's ago) graduated form culinary school, have been working at my current location for about 1 year and half. I am now a line cook there for the past 8 months or so, we just recently had our saute cook bumped up to chef and just started a new menu this past Tuesday, exciting stuff.

Little history:

I have been working in restaurants since i was 15, knew i wanted to cook since i was little and have done everything in my power to give me as much experience as possible. I attended culinary at our vocational school in High school, after graduating i proceeded to attend Northampton community college culinary arts program (was going to CIA, but money became an issue), after graduating about 6 months ago i have since been working as a line cook at Beck's. This is not my first job in restaurants, i have worked pantry in 3 other restaurants up until now.

My plans:

I would love to move to a big city, NYC is attractive but i really do not like the cold i have lived in PA all my life and am tired of it. I was thinking Las Vegas, i know casino's and resorts are a good place to have a job due to the vast assortments of types of establishments and cooking done at one place, like catering, upscale dining, cafe, bar/tavern. At some point i would love to open my own place once i am an established chef probably around the age of 35-ish.

I love cooking up-scale gourmet food, 2 chef i have worked under were both trained in this type of cooking and it has influenced me. Chef #1 worked at "union square cafe" in NYC as a sous chef before he left, Chef #2 worked at the four seasons as Chef De Cuisine, for about 1 year so it has all trickled down into my cooking style.

My style:

I believe in minimalism, little cooking, not a lot of complex recipes with 45 ingredients. HIGH quality ingredients, bold flavors and little in the way or preparation and cooking processes. I am Greek so i tend to lean towards a lot of Mediterranean style cooking.

Thank you Chef talk i hope to learn as much as possible from you guys and gals.

PS: Just bought a kershaw shun classic santoku, its amazing, i am a bit of a knife freak, i think i am going to purchase a MAC for my chefs knife.

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Link. You've packed some experience into your short life, and seem to be setting your path for an exciting career. This is a great place to learn and share, so we hope you dig in and have a look at the current cooking articles, cookbook reviews and recipes; but don't miss the archives and earlier threads. That'll keep you busy for a while!

We hope you enjoy being part of this community.
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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HI I'm new also!
Nice to meet you!
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Hello everyone!
I'm new to this site. I am thinking of a career change and I am interested in being a Pastry Chef. Right now, I am looking into culinary studies or apprentice programs. I look forward to learning from everyone. Cheers!
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