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hello all, im back

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ive just finished training for the new kitchen i work in now (btw hi guys... im back and im bad!) this time its a fresh kitchen, no freeze and re-heat... all these new words i had to learn ... blanching... lol... so simple and i was wetting myself thinking "what have i let myself in for" we had 13 cooks in today, not including head chef and training chef... it will never be that many cooks again but it will be a **** of a lot busier...

massive a la carte menu, yeah it goes alongside a carvery, but its a fresh carvery... presentation is important even there... so its fun... i work with at least 1 person i already knew (though only 1 shift a week with her... shame really, shes fun) but i get on with everyone else too...

gonna take a bit of getting used to though, theres the head chef, then the second chef, and then me and jon as almost joint 3rd chef if you will... everyone else is a part time college student so theres a whole new side of responsibility thats come into play... i left cooking a while back as some of you may remember and went to mcdonalds... where i learned more about timing and prep than i believed i could... most of the "food" there is out in 2 minutes or less... that takes some doing ill tell you, even if it is only burgers and stuff...

then i went and worked as a supply administrator for a while, got a few new halfords bikehuts all filled with stock, then the work dried up and i was let go and now, with timing and stock control under my belt i managed to get a good position, i almost feel like i can declare myself a chef rather than a cook...

also my first child will be born in april just 8 days after my 21st birthday so its all coming up roses for me at the moment...

ive also quit drinking completely (bar the 3 or so glasses of wine i had today to test all the wine... gotta have wine :D)

so again... hello all... its good to be back
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Must be a big place with thirteen cooks.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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I'm back

WOW! 20 yrs old, a good new career, quit drinking, and a baby on the way... Good for you! Best of luck!
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371 capacity all down

most we are going to have in at once is 8-10 though... a lot of those are part timers so there are 4 or so who alternate weekdays around college courses
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