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Will this be ok?

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Right now, I have 4 loaves of banana bread and 2 loves of pumpkin bread in the oven. I put them all on the top rack and there's not even 1/4 inch of space between 4 of the pans and the other two are turned horizontal so they'd all fit. I was afraid to put any on the bottom rack because they might get hotter on the bottom?

Do you think this will work? I had several requests for breads and after a trying week here, needed to get them all done today.
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You should be fine!
I have done the same thing numerous times and always had good luck with the end product.
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Thanks for the reply!

I just checked them after 50 minutes. The pumpkin loaves are done and look great! The banana loaves have a bit longer to cook, especially the two I put in glass loaf pans. I ran out of metal ones after four. lol I figured the glass would cook quicker but looks like my thinking was backwards.
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