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Christmas Celebrations

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So now we've entered into December. For those that celebrate Christmas it's time to break out the Advent Calenders, get the house all decorated and warm up the DVD player for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

So being this is a multi-national forum..... How do ya'll celebrate?

Is it Chrismas Eve?

Chrismas Day?

Both? Or is it the week or the whole month?

And of course what's on the menu?
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Christmas Celebration

Oldschool we do not celebrate Christmas, but we ften go to a close family friend for part of the day. They are a huge Italatian family, and your menu sounds exactly like theirs! Where in Italy is your family from? They are from the Abruzzi region (sp?) Are actually there visiting now
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Celebrate Christmas more quietly than the English, for example.... but, we still have the traditional roast goose or turkey, with all the trimmings, including bread sauce and kilted chipolatas, followed by Tipsy Laird (Scottish version of an English Trifle), cranachan and home-made Christmas pudding.

For Scots, the BIG holiday is Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) with all the traditions and traditional foods, including home made Black Bun and shortbread.
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Well, we like to go XC skiing on Christmas day. :)
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We celebrate Christmas and have a few traditions we do during the month of December. Normally, we decorate on the day after Thanksgiving but this year, due to time constraints, sickness, etc. we waited until the past week. On Saturday, we all went to the local tree farm to pick out a Christmas tree. This is the first year we haven't had an artificial tree. We enjoyed the trip so much that we've decided to make it a new family tradition.

We celebrate Christmas with Les's family on Christmas Eve or the weekend before, depending on their schedule. Then on Christmas Eve, we go riding around looking at Christmas lights and come home, where everyone has hot cocoa, cookies, and opens one gift.........a new pair of winter pajamas for each member of the family.

Christmas morning, we get up and open gifts, then make breakfast. We either start preparation of a big dinner or make lots of finger foods to munch on whenever we're hungry. We invite any friends or relatives to stop by if they have a moment.

My family lives in Georgia so we don't celebrate the holiday with them.
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When I was young and tender, we didn't celebrate Christmas, to me...it will ALWAYS be an AMERICAN holiday.

We would celebrate Epiphany ( spelling! sorry) on January 6th.

We would get a box and go out side and fill with green, young, tender grasses and place under the bed for the Camels. We knew that the 3 Kings were out and about looking for the Baby Jesus and would peer into each and every bed holding a child.

Being that all children were precious, they would leave a gift. The camels would eat the grass, one of the 3 Kings would leave a gift and continue on their search of the Baby Jesus.

Till THIS day we do something on January 6th. I usually make a great big dinner and invite all the single friends, younger family members and have a big blow out and "REGIFT" lol

We bring some HORRIBLE thing someone gave us and wrap it in fancy paper ...pull a name out of a hat and that person gets the "GIFT".

It's a great ole time, with drinking and board games and FAMILY HORROR stories!! The best Dys FUN ctional family story also gets a prize..( some bottle of wine that we don't end up drinking..lol)

We play Uno, TOSS THE PIG, pictionary ..Pit, Miles Bournes...

A lot of screaming and yelling...

But we wind up around 10 pm so the neighbors don't call the cops! lol

Oh, I've been doing this forever, gives me a chance to get the gifts that I forgot to give the kidlets and I also get to shop some great sales!!!

(that's really my motivation actually...I save so much money by celebratin on January 6th..lol ...I know..selfish..lol but who cares, we have a GREAT TIME!)
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
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The traditional things, I guess.

Wake up and open presents.

Sit around until dinner and then engulf the 2nd to biggest dinner (next to Thanksgiving) known to man. :D
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It's so neat to hear everybody's traditions.

My parents are divorced so I get TWO christmas trees, twice the presents, and twice the food. Horrah! After a full month of Christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, and cooking, I spend Christmas morning with my Dad and Step mom, drinking hot chocolate and opening presents. At around noon I go to my Mom's house and open presents, relax, and cook. Dinner is usually a seafood gumbo (my mom is full Cajun, who needs turkey when you can have gumbo?!) with a dessert of whatever comes in the stocking. This year however, I begged to cook Christmas dinner so I'm planning on spinach and artichoke dip with hot French bread, and maybe making a fruit tart.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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