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Sherry, Baby ...

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The other day I opened a bottle of sherry to use in flavoring a couple of soups. How long can the sherry remain good in a stoppered bottle? Is it like scotch or other whiskey, in that it will have indefinite keeping properties, or is it, like I suspect, more like wine? How about refrigerating it, or freezing it?

shel the sherry dunce
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Fino sherry is served chilled - but I'm not sure about freezing it, although I freeze small amounts of left-over wine in ice cube bags to add to soups, casseroles etc.

I only keep sherry for a short time after opening but that's because we drink it regularly - we buy Fino and Manzanilla.
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I've never tried freezing Fino sherry but I bet it would work since the alcohol content is only a little bit higher than white wine. So how long it would keep after opening would be similar to white wine too.

Oloroso sherry is good for around six weeks after opening, and the sweet dessert sherries last as long as cordials and liqeures.

But I am guessing the OP is using Fino to cook with. :D

There are wine preservers available at wine shops which would work to extend the life of an opened bottle by removing oxygen and injecting nitrogen into the air space inside, should that be of interest.
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