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Icecream machine

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i recently made icecream in class and we did not have the proper "equipment" so i had to revert to the old bag method, i am looking into purchasing a home icecream machine and dont want to spend more then around $200-$300 and suggestions?
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Do you have a kitchen aid mixer? I would say get that one. I havent tried it yet becuase im not a big ice cream person but I would assume it works good.

If not I think the money would get well spent for a kitchen aide. the amount of attachments you can get for it are amazing. I have a grinder and a slicer thing that both need to get used yet but that will happen soon. but ive used the mixer for tones of applications. I cant wait to get the pasta roller and cutter attachements.

but thats just my two cents.
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Ice Bagge hooks over any ice bin opening allowing you to scoop the ice quickly into the hanging bags and has a quick-tie bag sealer for continuous sealing.
The Ice Bagger comes complete with the following:
  • Bagger
  • Bracket hook to connect to bin
  • Tape Dispenser (Sealer)
  • 1 Roll of Tape, 180 ft. (Enough for approximately 850 bags of ice)
  • 1 Wicket of Ice Bags (250)
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 Please try to look at this one. Maybe this model you are looking for.

Ice Cream Machine
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