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We enjoyed many Scandinavian foods in our houshold when I was young, including rosettes. We would make them at home for Christmas and so would many of our relatives. The standard rosette irons that everyone used were about three inches in diameter and maybe half an inch deep. Then one year, my Aunt found a bakey somewhere in western Wisconsin that sold delicious rosettes that were much larger. They were about the same diameter as standard rosettes but were maybe an inch and a half high. They were wonderful. We often asked my Aunt where she got them, but that was her secret and one she would never divulge. That was twenty years ago and my Aunt has since passed away. Unfortunately, we never found out where to buy those rosettes, or better yet, how to make them ourselves. So my question for this forum is if anyone has ever run across extra deep rosette irons. I am familiar with many different consumer brands that are or were on the market (Griswold, NordicWare, Wagner, etc.) but I have never seen the kind of oversized irons that would be needed to make those sized rosettes. Can anyone out there help me? Thank you very much.