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Small World.....

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A few weeks ago I was gifted with some special Wisconsin cheese after working on an event in Chicago.....one of the wedges was "Willie's bandaged wrapped Reserve".....from Sid Cook. Wow. amazing cheese. Shared with Ken Muno our local Goatsbeard farmstead cheese maker extrodinaire and his buddy who farms outside of Columbia, Mo......well the buddy (Walker) had been on a cheesemaker search in WS. and had gone up to Sid's house thinking they were open to the public.....nope.....but it's really funny to see how small the world gets.

My guy was a widower whose wife's cousin went to my extremely small prep HS (as in the first graduating class had 25 students....) I can remember the paper she gave about her cousin contracting MS and having two young daughters. High School was in Memphis, we were living in St. Louis.....20+ years later.

The restaurant reviewer for a major local publication is a good friend....one day he showed up at market and noted I was wearring the (very small) designer Blue Fish. He was ordering some pieces for his wife's birthday.....seems that his wife was born same day, same year as I was.....
oh and a few years later we discover that our fav choc is the same obscure English Violet candy bar. Freaky.

Any of you discover how small our world is?

One of my buddies travels to France for wine often and stops at a winery (don't remember which one) and they keep asking him if he knows their friend Alice......(Waters)....since she lives in the USA too.....his world isn't that small. ;)
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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While I was working in London, Eng. I had our American hostess ask "Where in America are you from?" I replied that I am Canadian and she said she knew someone from Canada. Did I know Tim Armour, he played in a band called Basic English and was from Toronto. Tim happens to be my first cousin. Blew me away!
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