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Crown Roast of Pork

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, so please forgive me if I post this wrong, but would appreciate some advice on how long to cook two Crown Pork Roasts, 10 lbs. each, without stuffing? :smiles:
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Purchase a meat thermometer. Salt and pepper the roasts, stick them in the oven at 350F until they're 145F or so (someone please avise on the best temperature) Remove from oven and allow to rest for at least ten minutes.
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ive never cooked a crown roast before but i think it would be a wise choice to invest in a digital thermometer, they come in handy especially if your cooking at home.. but id cook it till about 140-145, you have to allow for about 10 degrees of carryover cooking while it sits out of your oven.. last thing im sure you want is a dry roast which is what many people come into trouble with. Places tell you to cook it till its at 160-165 to kill all the bacteria but you have to realize that if you do that it will rise all the way to allmost 175 making the meat dry as heck.. often happens for my mother during thanksgiving, lol.

also if you want it to look a bit nicer as well, id wrap aluminum foil around the bones so they dont char or burn.. this just helps with the visual appeal..
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i am looking to do the same thing. I am wrapping the tips of my bones with foil to prevent browning. I plan on cooking to 145 and checking about an hour or so at 400degrees

then sauteeing assorted sliced roated root veggies(carrot,turnip,rutabega,etc) and placing them in the center of the ring/roast

then i will take it to my mom's house and place it back in a pre-heated 350-oven for another hour and then letting it rest

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A crown roast is a wonderful piece of meat, I think of it as the pork counterpart to a beef prime rib.  Cook until 145 and let it rest before carving.  

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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It's getting harder to find bone in pork loin these days.  I love it on the bone and this nutty "health craze" about getting rid of bone and fat drives me nuts. 

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I can relate, Mike.  It is even that way with chicken!


If you are in the US I have two words for you in terms of finding good bone-in pork, all sizes, at good price: Costco.  You'll have to do a little frenching and bending and tying to make a crown but the meat is there.  One thing, though, is that at my Costco they don't crack or remove the chine unless asked.

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Frenching = sausage meat  :chef:


Funny - I was at my local store today and they were selling chine bone from standing rib roasts as "Neck Bones"  I might have to "stock" up on some tomorrow when the price really drops. 

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