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I love ginger, in all it's shapes and guises. Candied, or dried ginger, is a favorite, but it's often too sweet for me and getting rid of some of the suger would be just fine. Recently, I've been washing of the exterior sugar under warm running water, and today decided to try that plus soaking the ginger to let some of the sugar leach out into the water. The results were pretty good - the ginger was noticeably less sweet, yet the ginger taste was strong enoughto satisfy my craving. The next step would be to more thoroughly dry the ginger instead of just draining it and drying it with a towel. Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting rid of the excess sugar?

Finally, I found a nice sounding, simple recipe for making this type of ginger candy at home. However, I have a question: the recipe calls for a fair amount of sugar which I'd like to reduce substantiall. Will reducing the sugar dimish the ginger taste of the, iow, is the sugar needed to enhance the taste of the dried ginger? Knowing this might provide some ideas as to how little sugar I can get away with. And, if anyone has a recipe for dried ginger, please let me know. I'd love to explore the possibilites.