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hattori or misono?

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for those who do not know what i'm talking about, they are two well-known brands of japanese made chefs knives. i was well-commited to the shun brand until recently, i found out that it has a difficult time cutting thin slices of lemons and limes. my chef handed me a misono and it was magical. the key was the spine of the blade which was much thiner than anything i've seen.

on the other hand, i'm partial to the damascus look of the hattori. i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried the two and what your opinions are.

oh btw, before you guys criticize and suspect that maybe my knife was dull, i had sharpened it the night before and it went through a sheet of typing paper like butter. from heel to tip of the blade.
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i dont know much about japanese knives but if you go to foodie forums then have a knife section. Im sure you questions will be anwsered there quickly.
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