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My wife (does not cook) bought an Aero Garden for Christmas. I haven't set it up yet, any tips on setting it up for sucess. Are the herbs flavorful? Are there better herbs out there that taste better and still work with this? I am excited should I be?
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Mine has been fun and useful, although I entertained some doubts when I first received it two Christmases ago. I have yet to generate the bushels of herbs as pictured on the box, and also have yet to use ALL of the seed kits that I got as a gift, because they take a while to grow, and I can't figure out what half of the "Japanese" herbs are.

Best growers have been basil and sorrel, for what that's worth. I can do a lot with basil; sorrel, not so much.:rolleyes:
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I am 100% in love with the Aerogarden. I did the herbs that came with the garden and loved them. The only problem I had was the cilantro refused to sprout, even after the company sent me a new pod. Honestly I never used the herbs because my wife and I were to busy to cook in the 2 months or so that I had them. I did however transfer them to pots when I got done with the nutrients and they went nuts outside. My basil and purple basil grew extremely fast with just potting soil.

I also did the salad greens kit and was not real thrilled. Mostly because "salad greens" really means "salad green", it only comes with one variety of lettuce.

Right now I am seeing my first flowers with my cherry tomatoes and I am loving it. I will try and get some pics of the whole process but the best part is that I am getting a yellow variety in the bunch (2 red and one yellow). I can't wait to add a little more color to my Italian dishes.
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