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A fellow I know who will be getting out of prison shortly, is trying to adjust to the current price of goods and services. He's been incarcerated for about 16 years, and he's stunned by what it may cost him to live.

He's been asking me about prices for certain food items, and my experiences aren't always applicable to his situation, so it seemed like asking the good folks at ChefTalk may be a good idea.

How much do you pay for a large bag of non-organic long grain white or brown rice - say a 5-lb and a 10-lb bag of each, or what do you pay if buying from bulk bins? Where do you shop for your rice (store names and city would be helpful).

If anyone has some inexpensive, but good quality, food shopping suggestions in Queens, NYC, especially around the Bayside and Flushing areas, I'd like to pass those suggestions on to him, espercially for fresh produce and good quality canned goods like soup, stews, fish.

Thanks so much ...