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The smaller Le Cruset pans

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I have been adding to my small collection of small Le Cruset pans. I have three now, with the addition of the Orange 2.5 quart saucier I got for Christmas. I also have a Red 1.5 quart Windsor, and a 2 quart sauce pan in Yellow.
I find myself using these pans often, and even cook desserts like a Tatan in them. These work on top of the stove (I use gas), and in the oven.
Where these pans really excel, is in making sauces, gravies, melting chocolate and making rice.
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yes, they're great, i have them at home and we also use them at work for smaller functions to give a different look to buffets rather than the stodgy old chafing dishes. at home i like flame, at work we use red.
also- i have found that if the inner enamel gets stained or dingy, pour in a little bleach and let it soak for a couple of minutes, wash it out well and it will look good as new.
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