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Offal Tasting Meal

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a good friend of mine has an offal tasting menu for the next 3 months....not a one time pop folks but 3 months. Bold to say the least to have 3.5 courses based on obscure offal. Just thought I'd share.
Oh, the restaurant is An American Place, STL.

6 course $69 with wine pairings $99
9 course $90 with wine $135

Grilled ocotopus
salsa verde, braised beef tongue

Pinot Gris/Pinto Blanc ABC 2005

Duck Fries (or as the staff say the "white kidneys")
frisee salad, bacon, sherry vinegar

Viognier-Cline, Ca 2006

Braised Cockscombs
roasted garlic, black trumpets, sweetpotato croquettes

Meritage-Piccolo Cru, Napa Valley 2005

Tripe Stew
wilted greens, Tasso, herb crust

Norton-Bethlehem Valley, Marthasville, MO 2003

Pleasant Ridge Reserve
spiced relish, grilled cheese sandwich, pear chip

Pumpkin Pudding Cake
pepita brittle, spiced honey, pumpkin butter

Orange Muscat-Quady, Ca. N/V


Hard to find a few of the ingredients on any menu in town....pigs head not hard to find now. Duck balls, unheard of....as too cockscombs.....

Rest of menu is interesting including the olive oil poached tuna but this offal menu is exciting. Probably more so for it's rariety than actual dishes.

Any of you play with bizarre, unusual ingredients?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Probably better questions would be.....
what offal do you cook?
what offal have you eaten?

yesterday we visited a friend who has an Irish Pub (in STL) where they made lamb brunschwieger and smoked mortadella or bologna. My buddy at AAP gifted me with home grown, hand slaughtered (etc)....duck pate.
This past year has been rendolent with pork liver and kidneys. Mainly made into a smooth pate, Cajun boudin or country coarse pate.
Head, well is not offal officially is it? Some of the best eatin'.....pork cheeks are amazing.

The Asian markets in town have alot of offal....I'd like to learn how to cook beef tendon for pho, not sure about uterus(s)....there are numerous bits and pieces that provoke interest but without having tasted them nor having access to prepping/cooking techniques they don't come home/or to the kitchen with me.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Lamb fries at the VFW. :D

Of course, the stuff like sweetbreads, normal asian stuff like tripe, pig's small intestine, pig stomach. Also coagulated beef blood, kinda like soft blood jello, tendon, beef heart satays at an Indonesian restaurant.

Not my first choice for a tasting menu, but tasty if done correctly and eaten in the right surroundings if you know what I mean.
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pork small intestine (chittlins?) and stomach, beef blood....
So what cuisine and dishes would you find these ing?
There's blood sausage but that's with pork blood isn't it? Cajun, German, French.....

Tendon has shown up on Chinese dim sum buffets as a cold spiced thinnly sliced salad or ap, in Vietnamese pho.....just love it....

sweet breads, of course....if done right are incredible.

Not sure if marrow is offal but it's not awful....:p
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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The Asian style small intestine isn't like chitlins. They're meatier and thicker and for some reason it's cooked so the residual smell is gone. They're also always served boiled. No need to rinse and rinse like chitlins. I don't quite know how either are processed, but they're different.

The blood is pork blood coagulated, just like a block of solidified blood. Available at the Asian grocer. My mom just informed me.
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I've seen blocks of coagulated blood....guess pork at Asian markets....so what do you do with it? If served like a pudding is it heated, spiced, etc? just curious. Probably one of those things that shows up on the secret (not really secret but not prominently displayed) Chinese menu.....you know the restaurants that have an anglo menu then the posters or Chinese menu with the "shtuff Americans would not eat". :rolleyes:
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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