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Growing Herbs Indoors

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I live in N. New Mexico and I am trying to grow herbs indoors as the weather won't allow out door growing for 5 months per year. Any Iideas or suggestion on equipment (inexpensive) to use and what herbs to grow.
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There are some good hydroponic units available if you just google it. These products don't use any soil and are very reliable.
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grow lights

A good friend of mine is a fantastic gardener, he grows me produce for a lot of my special wine dinner events. I just went and picked up the most fantastic basil that he grew it all in his basement. He built a grow box (he had experience with other medicinal herbs) and uses fluorescent bulbs on timers. He experimented with a few different varieties to see what ones would do well in our climate (we're in seattle) and ended up with a nice miniature greek basil and a standard basil that both did well. And coincidently, we're both from Albuquerque, where you cooking out there?
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
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Most herbs can be grown indoors in pots much like house plants. The key is at least 6 hours of direct sunlight or some form of artificial sunlight.

As soon as I have enough posts, i will provide some links.

Good luck!
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