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Undecided on what to do

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Well I'am 30 years old and undecided on what I would like to be. But I relize I need to choose something for many years now atleast 10 I have always enjoyed going into the kitchen and creating something with my own hands that taste good and others enjoy.

So with this in mind I'm thinking about attending a local college that offers a Culinary program to get a better education. But I'm scared and nervous about the job market I dont live in a huge but it is decent size. Redding california is where I live. I dont plan on moving out of this area since we own a small ranch and property here.

My wife does have a decent paying job as an LVN and I was an Over the road truck driver but just gave it up to come home since my wife is pregant and being gone 3 months and home for 1 week is no way to raise a family in my opion.

I diceded not to drive local, For the time being that I did i was just depressed I guess i missed that open road and hated going in a big circle.

Well that a little of my story my question for you all the following.

What is life like in the kitchen? when looking for work should i go for everytpe of resturant or stay away from certain ones? What kind of job should I apply for? ( I have no problem starting on the bottom but working up)

These are just something on my mind Ill post more questions later when i can.
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You could probably make better money doing almost anything else. I know there are people out there who say they chase the money, but I've never even seen the money. I live in a relatively small town with two colleges. You cook in this town, you're lucky to get eight bucks an hour. That's what I'm making after attending culinary school and putting 30 years into this business. I don't know what it's like in your area, things would almost have to be better. Check around and see what the going rate is before you invest any time into this. If they do pay better, then there's the reality of long hours, weekends and holidays, all of which you will probably have to work. When everyone else is out having fun, that's when we're working. Not the best conditions for a family person. I'm not trying to steer you off, but I want you to look at this with eyes wide open. Good luck in whatever you choose.
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I was in your situation 20 years ago and now I am finally back. I wanted to do the restaurant thing and even quit a good job to go to school for restaurant management. Well after working 12 hours a day six days a week, and all nights holidays and weekends I was done. I got a butchering job and raised my family with good hours and good pay. This is no way to raise a family. Please before you invest your time and money look for something else, this industry will never change. I am back in culinary school and loving it now that my family is grown and gone. I am working with young kids (30 and under) or burnt out, people with multiple divorces and broken families because of the hours. If you love this work you have to decide to come back later it is a lot easier. :roll:
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Life in the kitchen.
Well, i had a lot of jobs, aerospace jobs. Some tough ones, like pipe laying.
For me, Kitchen work was second toughest, coming in a second only to my 4 years as an army infantryman.

The pay stinks, you must know this. There usually are no benefits, medical, sick time, vacation etc.

Inflation adjusted wages for cooks have actually receeded 3 to 5 percent over the last fifteen years, and the gap between what a dishwasher makes, and what a cook makes is no only about 2 or three bucks an hour.

If you want culinary school, do it on the governemnt's dime if you can. Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest it, as you will have to work in somebody's kitchen for the next ten years to pay off the debt.

I hate to discourage you, but I'm not reccomending this trade to anyone right now as a way to make a living. If you just want a hobby job, and a little spare change, have at it though.

A special to parents and teens:

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