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Rent a chef

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Anyone interested in being part of a rent a chef program for a major poultry manufacturer. Assist with shows, ideations, and presentations.
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I would be interested in receiving more info about this. If possible,you can email me at
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I'm interested in anything that pays. Send me a P.M.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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send me a message about it
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I would like to offer my services. I may be too far away though, PM me with details.
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Please PM me. Will pass info to a good friend. Thanks!
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rent a chef


Do they pay for materials and transportation and time?
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pm me with details or email them to me

anything for cash/experience lol
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Thank you to everyone that was interested in this rent a chef program, I currently have what I need as far as assistance with chefs.
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another resource

see also a site I have gotten jobs through.
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