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Central NJ here....

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new years resolution was to not eat out so much as I spent enough for a nice sports car last year on dining (probably 2k alone in november :o)....but since I can't give up good food, I figured I better learn to cook, so here I am.

I'm 25, live in central NJ, no real experience other than watching dad. Favorite foods are....not so exciting.....steak. especially wagyu/kobe.

I've eaten at some of the best restaurants around the world, from all over the US, to Europe, to Hong Kong to Singapore. (somehow managed to skip Italy and south america, and africa, shame on me)

My one hangup (that I'll admit to!) is I have a mental gag reflex thing going on for seafood, or anything thats lived it's life under water. I know I know....I think I'm going to get hypnosis to get over it...another 2008 resolution as honestly, I really would love to eat seafood!

I take lots of pictures....
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just trying to get my posts up to 5 so I can post a picture or 2. :bounce:
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1 more to post a pic.
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