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Coffee classes!

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Hello everybody! This is Gustavo, a peruvian guy. I am in NYC now and I would like to take classes about coffee, like tasting coffee. I am not very interested in wine, but coffee drives me crazy. I would like to learn everything about it,,,,,tasting, studying the process and be a professional in this item. I have seen programs in tv and how some professionals tatse it. What could I do for starting this? Any idea? Where could I take classes? Thanks so much!!!!!!

Hugs, if u need to know anything about peruvian food, just let me know.


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Get a job as a Baursita at a coffee shop

Not one of those chain places, but a small independant where you could learn the finer points about coffee. We own a small coffee shop and it's a lot of fun, you have to be good working with the public.
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get yourself a home roaster, and a bunch of different green beans (of quality). Coffee is stale three days after roasting. read about "cupping". :beer:

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I will try that. And about working with people I love it, thats why I tryed to work as a waiter, too. Working with people can be very interesting and you can feel you can help. Thanks, I will read about cupping, too. Thanks

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