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Hi..chef consultant search/ suggestions welcomed!

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I just became a new member and was interested in all of the forums available.
I am part of a new company in New York City looking to open a restaurant this upcoming year. I am immersing myself in all areas that have to do with the dynamics of food. At heart it is a marketing company who is in need of a new team member that will head the “food” division of our company. This team member will essentially be a creative consulting chef who must have a real sense of imagination. The responsibilities will include managing the entire culinary segment, including creating and designing the menus, hiring and managing other consulting chefs and creating and implementing a plan in order to create a successful menu.

This may also include critiquing other restaurants around the city in an effort to generate and develop new product ideas. Essentially the show will be yours and you will have to decide, how it will be run and the amount of time needed to run it properly.

We are looking for a smart, energetic person who is passionate about their work and success. You will be given the artistic freedom to implement your own ideas and methods into the process. You must be open-minded, have creative ability, as well as, an imagination. This is an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and advance in an up and coming venture. The chance to make a change from the mediocre, run of mill 9 to 5 job and be part of something more.

Pay will be based upon a negotiated amount, depending on what is decided is suitable. This can be done part time and around your schedule. The only fixed time requirements will be team meeting that will be held, 2-3 times per week and that all team members must attend.

If you are interested in this opportunity or know someone who also might also be interested please pass on the word. This is a great opportunity that should not be taken lightly

If you have any suggestions or any words of advice it will be deeply appreciated.

Contact Information
Nick. 718.395.1849
Mike. 347.901.0971

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This is not a comment on you guys, I don't know anything about your organization. However, be careful how you paint the picture with a bunch of professional chefs. If any of them are like me, they have seen that dog and pony show many times. Total creative freedom, it's your show, new and exciting, only to have some corporate pencil pusher change the menu because of their personal taste, or force them to use sub standard products to save a dime. I think the responses you will get will be very skeptical.

That being said if the picture really is as good as it sounds, someone is in for a dream job. I hope everything works out for you. If I wasn't 2000 miles away I'd be interested in talking to you.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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