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So I was at a dinner with a mix of family and friends the other week and one of the ladies had brought a Kahlua bars for dessert. They were super yummy but she is off on a work trip (and will be gone for awhile) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a recipe for bars like these? I know they had what i think was a basic shortbread 1/4" thick bottom to them and the chocolate top part was made with a can of sweetened condensed milk and some chopped walnuts. The rest of the recipe is a mystery for me, but I know there was some chocolate and Kahlua in it, but I have no clue how much or what else might be in it.

These were super yummy and I really would like to make them this week for a get together but I won't be able to get the recipe from the lady (since she will still be gone) for another few weeks. So if anyone has any ideas for a recipe similar to this, I'd love to hear it and I'll see if its what I am looking for!

Thanks everyone!