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kick arse sauce

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due to launch a new menu soon and im after a kick arse sauce for a slow roasted lamb rump. ive come up with a few but thought id se if anyone out there has some good ones which may help.
mick:beer: typical of most us chefs hey !!!
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Minted Tomato Jam.

20 ripe roma tomatoes
1 small onion
8 cloves garlic slivered
1/2-3/4 cup sugar (depending on sweetness of tomatoes)
1 cup fresh mint leaves chopped
2 cups water
1/2 cup veal or lamb glace
salt & pepper to taste

Oil the tomatoes and onion with olive oil and char-grill until black and blistered. Remove from grill and cool. Rough chop and transfer to a sauce pan. Add remaining ingredients and simmer until tomatoes begin to break down. Pulse with immersion blender to incorporate liquid. Adjust seasoning and drool.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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i had a rosemary mint sauce on some lamb that was made with a wine reduction. very good
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I've just run a special on lamb rumps that proved pretty popular...I had marinated them in red wine and rosemary before roasting...and the sauce I used was a minted pesto genovese.....basically a mixture of a strong mint sauce...(mint,sugar syrup and vinegar) blended to taste with a nice pesto genovese....(the standard green stuff....but for a more aussie flavour and a nice nutty sweetness make a macadamia nut pesto)... The whole thing is seasoned with lemon juice...(a squeeze)... to bring out the flavour of the pesto and the zest of the mint.... Be careful though... the mint should be there and quite apparent...but don't let it overwhelm the flavour of the pesto
Sort of an old fashioned blend...but with slow roasted foods I think the more traditional sauces can work a treat...
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Sauce Robert!

Not only is it one of the oldest recorded sauces in history it's also unique, simple and D-Licious.

-lightly saute some fine diced white onions in the rendered fat from your roast
-add some good white wine and reduce by 1/2
-add some brown stock (this is the base of your sauce) or- I use lamb demiglace, with I have an abundance of, due to our lamb shanks. Veal would also be nice for a lighter sauce
- then whisk in some good dijon mustard, this will thicken the sauce
-toss in some fresh chopped italian parsley just before serving.
thats it you can make it in a batch, or to order.
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
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Redcurrant jus

We have rump of lamb on our menu and this sauce is to die for...Reduced chicken stock, add some chopped shallots and red wine, reduce until dark brown, then a little redcurrant jelly to sweeten.
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just make a quick minted beurre noisette, it takes seconds and it taste great!!!
Shiny, Shiny... GO HOME!!!
(C. E. Oddie)
Shiny, Shiny... GO HOME!!!
(C. E. Oddie)
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