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Turner New Zealand

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Any of you guys ever used Turner New Zealand products. The have a true Adriatic Scampi that is out of this world. They also claim to be the only company in the world that farm raises King Salmon. I don't know if that is true, but I have compared it head to head with Copper River King, and it is every bit as good. Their beef is all grass fed, hormone and steroid free and wet aged minimum 28 days. It is absolutely awesome. I would love to buy product this good from local sources, but I just can't find anything close to my area.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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I dealt with Turner products a few years ago at a hotel, but if I remember correctly, everything was frozen. That's why I never used them in my restaurant. They had great product but I couldn't get it shipped fresh. Maybe that's changed now, if it has, I would definitely be interested in seeing what they are doing now.
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I've known Noel Turner for a number of years...very interesting guy. He has a twin brother who lives in Japan.....heard a rumour once that he's not allowed back in NZ.....have no idea if it's true or not.

Turner is a brand, they are not a vertical producer. They contract with salmon farms, lamb producers etc.

He has a very nice restaurant in So Cal.

His product is top shelf, but it's also extremely expensive. He sells his king salmon filets, skin on C trim, for about $13/lb but the whole fish costs less than $5/lb....with a 75% yield from HOG to C Trim...do the math.

Flemings Prime Steakhouse has NZ King salmon on their menu, but it's not Turner product.

And no, NZ is not the only king salmon producer. Washington State and British Columbia produce it as well, but the NZ product is better.

Chef....one of my partners imports fresh NZ Kings into LA 3 times per week. PM me if you want more details

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