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am i just not looking hard enough?
i don't see them when i'm out shopping.
i had a couple bottles of ripasso about 6 years ago that i bought from an Italian restaurant i worked at. incredible. big. that's all i can really remember.
i wouldn't mind trying an Amorone, as well. it seems that is the base of a ripasso???

i'm wondering if anyone:
knows of a good source,
has any suggested producers,
knows what would pair well... (i'm thinking osso buco, stew, and the like), or
if anyone just wants to talk about it/ has any insights.

btw, wikipedia said this: "In the novel The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter eats the census taker's liver with fava beans and a "big Amarone", rather than a Chianti as in the film version." :lips: