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Cooking School Textbooks

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I am an advanced home cook and am going to eventually attend a cooking school at night. Currently my wife is a stay at home mom for our little daughter so cooking school will have to wait a bit.

My interest is in obtaining some curriculum material/textbooks/manuals etc from someone who has attended a cooking school. If these are books that can be bought, I have no problem buying them from Amazon, I just assume that most cooking schools use their own proprietary textbooks.

When I look at school curriculum's I realize I want to learn all aspects of cooking and finding that in ONE book from Amazon seems a daunting task. I just bought On Food and Cooking and plan to read that cover to cover. If you know of a book like On Food and Cooking that deals with technique rather than food please let me know.

If anyone has any info or links to class material I could use to sort of kick start my own training until cooking school I would appreciate it.

Thanks for you help,
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my school used an on cooking book and then

Le Cordoun bleu by wayne glissen for pastry,

that was it. my school was more hands on then anything
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Professional Cooking Second Edition by Wayne Gisslen. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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"The Professional Chef" by the CIA is available on Amazon and covers a lot of the basic techniques along with recipes. It's huge!

But On Food and Cooking would have been my first suggestion if you didn't already have it. Good choice!
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As with most would say, get the On Cooking. That what iam using rate now.
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I am finishing my 6th month of culinary studies and we have used the forementioned On Cooking extensively. If I was not in school, I would want that book. Food lovers companion is a good one for information, not recipes, as is On Food and Cooking. On Cooking and On Food and Cooking are LARGE books. They should come with wheels.
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