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Hello all,
I am curious if anyone is using Inulin in their production? I have seen it used in dairy production, but am wondering about a pasta sauce application. Any assistance/advise would be sincerely appreciated.
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well all i know is that i wont eat inulin, fructose can cause gout and i dont want to risk it, my joints hurt enough as it is

i dont know if oligofructose has the same effect, but i aint risking it...

just make it the good old fashioned way, what is it with people and "oooh its new, lets try this!" no... bechamel+cheese+flavour (be it garlic or onion or w/e) = pasta sauce... anything else is just silly
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Yes - I have used it in two applications - one was to when developing a yougurt drink and the other was when I was developing a recipe for soy ice cream. I used a powdered form, so I see no reason that it would not work in a pasta sauce... although I would advise adding it at the end of cooking as a long cooking time could break it down...
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