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After Graduation

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What can I expect after graduating culinary school....What is the money going to be like and what exactly can i do with my culinary associates arts degree.....Say I was in the top of my class graduating, what can i expect as far as jobs are concerned. I mean I do want to make money since I have to make a living, so can any instructors and graduates help with this answer.....thanks
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the pay depends on where you live, as far as jobs just go make a list of restaurants/hotel in the area you want to work. Then stop by(at a non busy time) and hand out resumes, probaly most will make you fill out a application. You could check out newspapers but thats not to say a place wont hire you especialy becasue theres a pretty high turnover rate in restaurants.

Also everyone is different but money isnt everything, i guess it depends on what you want to do with your career and such.
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I would advise you not to set very high expectations for pay immediately after graduation with no prior experience.

One dirty secret the schools dont tell you is that most graduates end up line cooking for $8 - $14 / hour for few years until they make a semi-decent sous salary.
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