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Trying to get a promotion!

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So here I am thinking about how I am to go about embarking upon a promotion. I know that this position is going to go to one of two people that currently work in my bakeshop. That would be me or another person that just so happens to be a close friends. The thing is there is going to be a whole interview process in which I am extremely nervous about-- I mean come on who isn't nervous about interviews but even more so now that I am currently working there and I am just horrible with even thinking about the questions that will be asked-- if anyone know some questions they may ask pleaaassseee post so I can begin thinking out my answers in preparation.

And then there will be the dreaded practical.. Not quite sure what the rabbit is going to pull out of the hat with that one. Probably something along the lines of creating something new. Some new flavor combinations perhaps.

Take in mind that I am talking myself down day by day because I truthfully want this promotion and it would help in my financial situation because us pastry people get paid soooo much-- haha!! Big Joke! Anyways I just believe that my co-worker/friend is going to get this position because she tends to suck up more and she actually graduated with an associates in pastry. Versus I graduated with an associate's in Hospitality Management with certificates in food service and hotel management. My school was very limited in culinary courses. I believe she can think on her toes faster because of her culinary school background. If I have to I can think management fast but not so much create a new flavor fast. So if anyone has any ideas. I work in a banquet kitchen by the way we do a lot of petite fours and supply the hotels restaurant but I am more looking for banquet cake flavors-- I have access to some purees like blackberry and passionfruit and regular ones like rasp straw ect. If anyone has any ideas they could throw past me that would be great!

Any responses I'd be truely grateful-- or anything about promotion interviews!! Much help needed.. Thanks!!
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Money talks. Make suggestions on new ideas that will bring in more customers and profits, support your ideas with a cost sheet and a suggested retail price.
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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One of the hardest questions I was ever asked was "what are your strengths/weaknesses". I babbled through not wanting to blow my own horn or seem cocky in the strengths department nor did I want to put myself down in the weaknesses dept. I can't even remember what I've said in that instance.

Recently, I was called as a work reference for a woman who worked for me. They asked me the same of her. I told them that her strength was that she was a very hard worker, great attention to detail, blah, blah, blah. I said her weakness was that she was sometimes too hard a worker- always staying late to pick up the slack....etc. She got the job and her boss told her it was my recommendation that got if for her. He liked the answer to that question.

Too bad for her- he works her like a dog. She should have stayed with me. I pay way less and can't offer benefits, but I'm nice.;)

Good luck !
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