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People in positions they dont deserve. !!! ugh!!!

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So, superbowl sunday, of course, Im at work. Caught a few plays on the bar tv, and was lucky enough to see that beautiful hail mary by the giants with thirty seconds to go.. woot woot.

Anyway.. Sunday I ended up running the grill instead of my usual saute. No biggie, I used to run grill, and superbowl was slow for us. Honestly, probably grilled 50 orders of fish/chic/pork/steak all together.

Well today, I only worked prep in the AM as im way in on overtime and labor is killing us lately. About three hours after I leave work, one of the sous' calls me and says the board of health was there today because a lady got sick on sunday and called them blah blah... She ordered a Cobb salad, topped with jerk chicken. Now, our chicken is sliced about 1/4in thick for the cobb salad. Had the chicken been undercooked(which it wasnt, im not a n00b) it wouldnt have passed the expo, nor would I have sent it out.

Anyway, the sous tells me the lady was complaining that she got sick because of the food she ate on sunday. I know that chicken was not cross contaminated and definatly not undercooked. Yet the sous was indirectly saying that it was my fault the BOH was there, and that i sent out raw food. this is not correct. I believe what is happening is he is covering for his own mess.

During prep, he was cutting the salad mixes. ON A FRIGGEN RED CUTTING BOARD. AND DID NOT WASH THE LETTUCE!! he simply cut the lettuce, threw it in the bagand into out salad cooler. HES A ****ING SOUS CHEF!!! My chef or km or whatev you want to call him knows this guy is just a big ego draggin food all night, cuttin corners, doing things his own way, but since were corporate, the partner never calls him out on any of this crap, because he thinks the kitchen will break down without him. absolute horse dung. Im so mad that he thinks he can blame me because he knows even if it can be proven its his fault, he'll probably get away with it. This is nothing new. when the head honch is around, he'll be the best worker weve got, but when the kitchen is his, forget about it. NEVER helps someone to get out of the weeds, drags food all night long, will do anything to make someone else look bad, and just to top it off, is such a womanizer none of the FOH will talk to him.

I hate this crap. I really like my job, but its working with people like this who are in positions they dont deserve, and dont look out for the overall restaurant, and only cares about how he looks when the partner or km is around is driving me to the point of quitting. I break my hump at work, and do not cut corners(unless theyr obvious and dont affect the finished product) and he half-***'s his way through a shift, and got promoted without doing any of the proper paperwork or nothin. Ive been playing by the book since day one, and honestly, i deserve his posistion way more then he does. He also attends the CIA so hes got his head so far up his behind its ridiculous.(im not saying everyone there has this problem, but many do) Ive never had formal culinary training, and i could cook this kid out of the kitchen, yet since the partner thinks its absolutey neccesary to have a degree, i dont get nearly the recognition i deserve.

Now, me and my km/chef, get along great. he is very talented, and great manager, and hes probably the coolest guy i know. Hes knows that this kid doesnt deserve the position hes in, but the big guys(manager above the restaurant partner((manager of a region)) like him, so hes there.

Idk what to do, i know this resaturant may be looked down on because its corporate, but honestly, its no TGI fridays. It started out as one restaurant privatley owned and OSI bought the name. Our procedures are spot on, and almost every recipe we have is awesome. Everything is fresh everyday, and nothing, and i mean nothing is premade except the butter we use to saute a few item. But i cannot keep workin in this environment, but i need this job on my resume, i just do not know what to do. i guess im screwed until ive worked there long enough for it to do justice to my resume.

Im sorry for the vent, but im sure you guys have dealt with some type or situation like this before, and im at a loss. thanks for reading.. go giants!!
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...I feel your pain. And the scenario you described, in one form or another, manifests itself everywhere, all the time. The resolve? Take solace in knowing that you are in control of you. And when that doesn't work, try this...
"accept those things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page


Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page

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or point out every mistake he makes as he makes it... take videographic evidence to the BOH if you have to...

get him out of that kitchen.... however you can...
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I hate to say this, but get used to it. There was a time when the people above you got there because they had worked the job and were better at it than anyone else. Those days are gone. Now they hire idiots that have a "management" degree and don't know a thing about the situation they're "managing". You have people who "supervise" you by telling you what you are supposed to do,(like you don't already know,duh) but can't jump in and help or tell you how you're supposed to accomplish the work of 3 people by yourself. The worst place I ever worked was a Sodexo account in a hospital. It was the biggest mess I ever saw. They hired me because they wanted my restaurant experience but didn't want to listen when I told them their equipment and labor limitations made what they were trying to do impossible. I truly never saw such a messed up situation. Sodexo gave the guy running it an award. If it would have been a bigger mess, they probably would have appointed him CEO. Sorry this turned into a rant. It just seems like the the incompetent people get all the breaks and the working stiffs don't get anything. You wonder how they do it and it makes you feel like a chump. But back to the issue. First, was the health department even there, or is the guy just telling you that? I live in Minnesota and here you have to have more than one complaint before the health departnment comes in because the person could just have the flu or could have eaten something somewhere else, including home, that could have caused an illness. If he views you as a threat to him he could have set you up by having a friend call the health department (if they were even called). Second, give this guy enough rope and he will hang himself (they always do, just be patient). Third, document everything. When you see this person doing things that are a health risk, make a mental note of what and when, then write it down the first chance you get. Documentation goes a long way to back up your defense for any accusations made against you. I have seen people win what I thought were impossible cases just because they had written documentation of the sequence of events. Hang in there. Hopefully someday the world will wise up to these frauds, although I'm not holding my breath. And finally, this is an industry that doesn't necessarily require any formal training. Common sense and experience can get you as far or farther than a culinary degree.
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1) Ask Sous to show you the health inspector's report. If he wants to blame you--directly or indirectly, he has to back it up

2) The Chef or KM should be handling all complaints and dealings with the Health inspector, why didn't he?

3) You can take Seraphim's advice and start snapping photos, but don't point fingers. Just say that this photo is an obvious mistake and health violation and what steps are you--the Chef?KM--going to take to correct them?

Sooner or later you'll find out that there are two ways of moving up, the first one is with hard work and knowing your stuff. The second way is brown nosing,, and knowing people. Sadly, these people move faster and farther than the people who know what they're doing, but... But they also fall down harder and farther when they screw up too.....
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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hey believe me i feel your pain, right now one of the cooks at my job just got a raise to a KM, during his brakes he ether smokes out in the back ally behind the place or goes across the street with food we made to the bar to get free drinks then comes back to work. along with that he is just a bad mangier, he tries to micro manage everything and dose not trust the people that have been there for 3 years.

right now im looking for a new job, i don't know about you but im tiered of working with a bunch of non-professional people and people that are drunk and high in the kitchen.

good luck
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"or point out every mistake he makes as he makes it... take videographic evidence to the BOH if you have to...

get him out of that kitchen.... however you can..."

This may come back to haunt you, I work in what you would call an "at will work state" if this is the case for you also then he/corporate can terminate your employment for no reason at all leaving you with no recourse. Not to mention the fact that a corporate business would rather rid themselves of the one gathering evidence than the true offender (no logic to this train of thought on there part but it happens all too often). Iv'e also witnessed the other aspect of this scenario that you can in some instances be blackballed by your chef/sous chef, remember that chefs do speak to one another and a good chef will call past employers to look into your background, feeling betrayed with you going over his head (the chef) he may just leave you with bad feedback to a future employment opportunity.

Yes the chef realizes this and allows it to continue, this in my eyes isnt the sous chefs fault (although he should hold himself to higher standards) it is your chef's fault for allowing it to continue. If you should gather this evidence and present it to whomever you see fit and things actually go your way (which 95% of the time will end up biting you in the tail in the end) your chef may be terminated for allowing this behavior in his kitchen...

Just food for thought
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I think almost all of us has or are going through this.

My director flipped last week when he calculated a 55% food cost plus a 10% paper cost. The guy didn't want to hear the reason for it but the story goes: I do 85% of inventory alone, I also stock our orders alone, and with the start of every month, I need fresh new inventory sheets to record on FROM HIM! So for starters, he screwed up the forms on the day I'm suppose to do the count (whole sections missing) but there were proper forms for the other smaller sections that others record so I gave them their forms to count while I waitedtill the middle of the next day when we get our largest order from all our suppliers. I stocked everything away, I did the count as best I could amongst my regular duties (I'm part line cook, part runner, head of catering, and pseudo sous chef). I know for a fact the numbers were going to be off but because of his screw up and a lack of help from anyone else, I could potentially get canned for this. For once, I'd love to see him do inventory himself...because all the other sites, the directors and managers do the count, not the errand boy!
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Dude, your wastin your time in that place. Keep thinkin forward. It's all about choices. Try to keep moving up, & build your resume. Think big city... "food towns" You can always come back & write your own ticket.
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