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Mushroom Surplus

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I got a great deal on fresh mushrooms, but it will quickly turn into expensive compost if I don't do something in a hurry. I've made a couple of gallons of creamy mushroom soup for the freezer and will do a couple of quiches as well.

Can I saute and freeze them, or should I continue making them up into freezable recipes? If so, does anyone have any good ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Dry some in the oven until they wrinkle up. And then pulverize/chop them and use them for things such as fake truffle mash potatoes or add it to the pasta dough.
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How dry do I want them? Just until they're wrinkled up or more on the dry side?
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grind them and make duxelle.....freezes well you don't have the flabby texture of sliced frozen shrooms.

to make shroom powder, dry them until they are totally dry.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Dry as in if you try to cut them they become powder. Like those freeze dried strawberries.
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Great! Thanks shroom and kuan!
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Yes, saute and freeze works perfectly fine too. Butter, garlic cloves, thyme if you want it, that's all.

They keep best vacpacked, but plastic deli cups will work too. We do both at my place, the former for the expensive wild gathered shrooms and the latter for batch cooked buttons and portobellos for ragout.
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i know you need more stuff then just mushrooms for this, but beef strognoff has lots of mushrooms in it and at home i have froze it and it works out well

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Thanks everyone! I did what I could yesterday, but ran out of time. I think I will saute and freeze the remainder like Sleepy Dragon suggested. Beef stroganoff is also a good idea as I already have the beef.
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