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Polaroid camera, no more!

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The film actually...

I thought that was already done. I am surprised they waited so long to close this division. Other then that, the Polaroid company still seems healthy in other ventures according to this article.

Polaroid Closing Instant Film Factories - New York Times

Luc H.
I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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Even some pro photographers who always used film are going to digital with printers. I believe HP's 7-ink printers were a big improvement that started that. (Of course I worked for HP at the time and that was their propaganda). :talk:
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There is no denying that photo printers were an important development, but it is the Internet that made it all happen. Digital stock photography and the ease of moving digital images made the greatest impact. The simple fact is that most photographs never even get printed.
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While polaroid has been out of the consumer market for years, this is very sad and important news to many professional photographers who use medium and large format cameras that require polaroid proofs. There is still a market and I bet someone will step in to fill the void.
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Peter Balazsy is one of the masters of polaroid IMO
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