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hello, as you can see from the subject title i need help. I'm about to enter the JWU National High School Chef Of The Year contest. I have several dilemmas. first of all i'm a complete novice to the culinary field, I go to a private high school and it doesnt have a "FOODS" class, so any expeirence i have comes from lots of trial and error and also viewing many hours of food network. second of all no one ever gives me feed back on dishes except my lovely girlfriend who thinks anything i make is great, but for this contest im trying to step it up and cook something elegant. The theme for the contest is "healthy heritage" so im going italian. what i would really like to do is grill up some swordfish although this is an unfamiliar protein for me last time i cooked it i did a pretty decent job. heres what i plan on making and please give me some imput if im on the right track, the recipes have to be original so ill take to mind the things anyone says but will have to make it my own in the end so please do not post any recipes just post ideas and comments.

[the dish must have a protein 4 oz and 2 sides either a vegetable or a starch or both]

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We've covered this before. It's amazing how many students come to this site for help because they want to do well in this particular contest. :D

You have to find your way Jedi... read read read.
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I am not the professional here, but if the guideline is "healthy heritage" then I might suggest doing some more homework on whether swordfish is actually part of Italian heritage or not. My googling found that (seems to me) it isn't. Swordfish can be caught in the Mediterranean but that doesn't mean much.

Since you're a FoodTV fan, maybe search their site to see what someone like Mario Batali has to say. My suggestions would include: simpler is better, and fresher is better.
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just catered a Sicilian dinner where the couple had just spent 3 weeks in Sicily....plain, very little garnish.....
my menu.

caponata with chevre, crostini
almonds (well Spain is next door....sorta)

spaghetti O pasta with porinis and very green olive oil.....from Sicily

Swordfish with lemon, capers and pre mentioned olive oil
red carrots/rabe with butter/dill

bread and yes more olive oil

orange and coconut gelatos

They slice the swordfish thin...1/2 " instead of thicker American......
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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thank youu

you've all been very insightful, but ive decided to do a complete 180 since i figured out you must make everything from scratch (aka pastas, breads all scratch) which wouldnt be a problem, but if i do infact become a finalist you only have a 3 hour window thus making bread for a bruchetta which i planned orginally is not an option :[, i do not want to give away any ideas for the competion because i seriously doubt im the only person on this site entering in it. but i was wondering thoughts on blanching a pasta or ravioli in wine?
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You are not going to be judged so much on your menu but on your execution and how you think about food. Do the basics well. If you are going to make a pasta, do it properly. If you are going to make tapenade, do it properly. If you are going to saute, make sure you know how to saute.... etc.
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Greg Louganis was my inspiration.....he may not have done the hardest dives but what he did was 10 pts. across the board.

Kuan's said it all. The guy who practices and can do it in his sleep wins.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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looks like a better get practicing, thanks for the help:lips:
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