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I have never used anything but teflon to cook eggs in but the EPA is urging a ban on teflon

EPA Urges Teflon Chemical Ban

Anyone ever messed with ceramic pans??
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Life is like Plastic Wrap!
Life is like Plastic Wrap!

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Sorry for the silly question - what does "bringing a pan to temp" mean?
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What's a carbon steel pan? I assume it is not a non-stick pan?
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It is not non-stick. It's also not stainless. It's "regular steel," and may be seasoned in the same way cast iron is. It's lighter than cast iron though. My two favorite brands are Matfer-Bourgeat and Vollrath. Novice these plain, steel pans aren't right for you until you've acquired a few stainless frying pans, because you shouldn't cook tomato or other high acid foods in them for any period of time. The plain steel will react with acid, discolor the food, make it taste bad, and ruin the pan. Other than that ...

I really like the Bourgeat handles because I like the arch. But my hands are larger and stronger than most -- so the narrow handles don't bother me. Most people prefer the Vollrath handles because they get a better grip. For what it's worth the handles get hotter than hades, and you must handle them with a towel. These are no BS, no styling, nothing ergonomic or modern about them pans. The only thing good about them is that they work better than almost anything else for most purposes, last for nearly forever, and are relatively cheap.

If you want to take a look at the pans, google "matfer bourgeat black steel skillet" and "vollrath fry pan carbon steel." I forget the name of the best Bourgeat retailer, but I believe they're owned by Matfer -- their warehouse is in Van Nuys, CA. I think Globe has the best prices on Vollrath. If you want good instructions on how to season a pan, they're in a pdf on the Vollrath website.

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I despise the blue rubber grips that come with these pans. I take them off and discard them right away. They still get hot, they'll catch fire, and they throw the balance off while the pan is empty.

A folded linen napkin makes the best hot pad for egg pans. Unless you work somewhere with white linen.:lol:
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Microfiber towel beats linen napkin all hollow. :confused: Especially if the towel is red. :confused: :lol:

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ok i did post something previously but i just got what you asked..
all you need is a small well seasoned pan...
about 2 tablespoons of margarine
and cold eggs.
warm eggs yolks break easy because they're really runny so you want to use cold.

the other trick is not to cook it too fast and to make sure the egg releases before you attempt to flip it.
if you want to cheat flipping you can use another pan well seasoned of course...of the same size and transfer it for over easys, over hard or over mediums...
(if you wanted to make over wells you could use a griddle or skillet)

the best way to learn how to flip is to use an old piece of bread and just keep flipping it over and over.
the best way to describe the motion would be to hold the end of handle on the pan
dip and pull toward you.
it's so hard to describe but once you get it you get it...
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Also the bread should never leave the pan. Imagine a piece of paper laying flat in front of you. Grab the one side and lift it on it's edge and drop it over.. The egg should never leave the pan.
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