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Fondue Help

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Ok, so i was tossing around ideas tonight to do soemthing for the sweety. I was thinking of doing a fondue theme. However even though i have sampled fondue more then once. I never actually prepared anything. I want to do like the whole dinner fondue based. Shrimp, meat, veggies, whole 9 yards. First question is do i have to cook the shrip/meat prior and then just use the fondue as a warm dipper or is there a oil or suace you can heat up so hot it actually cooks the food in it. Also is there a good sauce or dip that will go with everything, so i dont have to switch it out for veggies, then one for meats. ect. ect.

Basically im clueless to all of this and every little bit of info will help. thanks everyone :crazy:
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You cook it at the table. Boiling oil for meats and simple no salt broth or boiling water for shrimp and veggies. Asian style sauces go very well with fondue. For example, a simple one is ponzu/mayo. Another one is spicy soy/vinegar, or sambal oelek w/ crushed garlic and rice wine vinegar for a chilli sauce to go alongside with all the other sauces.
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You can use the hot oil for the vegetables also. That's how we usually do it. How many people are you planning on having? If more than 4 or 5 you might want to consider 2 fondue pots for the entree course. That many people dipping into the oil (or broth) can cool it down rapidly. If you decide to go with 2 pots then one for oil and one for broth works out well.
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