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Loomi Limes?

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I just have heared or came across these this past weekend. I heard that if you take a lime boil it and let it dry out it will blacken up totaly dry out and become like a nut (which at this stage i held) and you grate it like a nut on a microplane into a dish.

Its interesting. Have any of you heard of this?
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
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From Wiki -
Black Lime (Also known as Dried Lime, Loomi, Lumi, Omani and Amani) is a spice used in middle eastern dishes. It is made by boiling fresh lime in salt water and drying it.

[edit] Uses
Black limes are usually used in legume, seafood or meat dishes. They are pierced, peeled or crushed before adding them to the dish. After cooking they become softer and edible. They can also be powdered and added to rice dishes. It is very popular in the Middle East.

[edit] Flavor
Black limes are strongly flavored. They taste sour and citrusy like a lime but they lack the sweetness of fresh limes. Because they are preserved they also have a slightly bitter, fermented flavor.
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