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Remote Chefing

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I am looking for some insights as to what to consider when accepting a job in a remote location.
I am considering full time offers that would be live on property as working chef and Executive Chef respectively.
Money and lodging are not an issue.
Will I go stir crazy? It all sounds great now, wilderness, nature, peace, creative latitude.
What are the realities, challenges?
I will be in Gods country hours from Tandoori chicken and Phoa.:eek:
I dont want to move and be starry eyed then feel imprisoned.
Can you share some insights, expereince, considerations.
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I wish I had such problems

Well I guess my inquiry was too specific to get any response.
Thank you for reading my post.
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You're asking questions that are entirely dependent on your personality. As we don't know you, only you can answer.

Good luck with your decision,
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if your worried about going "stir crazy" then odds are its something that will happen.... but thats what the internet is for...

an online movie service and online gaming, combined with video chat with friends and family should keep you occupied
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