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has anyone heard of the wine Viona?
Sorry, I am not that well informed about wines. That is why I am reading you. To learn.
Thanks, Cham
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Did you mean Viognier?
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yes, sorry, I ment viognier.
Do you know something about it?
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Viognier is an off-dry, low acidity white that comes from the warmer climate of the Rhone Valley. It doesn't age well. A bit of jasmine, stone fruit. I personally can't stand the stuff.
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Too bad you injected your personal dislike into your response. I wonder how many Viogniers you have tried, and what they were paired with? and do you like white wines in general? Some Viogniers age very well -- considering that white wines are generally not as long-lived as reds. Are you familiar with Condrieu? In good years, it ages very well.
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..I did say "personally". I don't write anything off and I will probably continue to give Viognier a chance to redeem itself, but so far I haven't liked any of them. I'm not a sommelier, but I know what I like and dislike. I'm sorry that this offends you.
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what to pair it with?

Thank for your responds.What would you pair this wine with?(i would think of fish, scalllop and fruits, jasmine and orange maybe.)How about you?
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I don't know anybody who eats jasmine, but yes, it goes with seafood like lobster and crab really well, as well as roast chicken, duck, especially great with Indian food. Many of the traditional spices are tasted in Viognier. :)
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Even if nobody eats jasmine, I will.. It's not what creative cooking is about? Let's think outside the box...But seriously, I ment anything with jasmine taste, for example involve jasmine tea somehow..I don't know. Just fantasise..
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