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Hi Everyone:

My name is Carol and I'm from Central Florida. I just published my own cookbook and am looking for pointers on the best way to sell, sell, sell. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be thrilled to hear them. The book has over 250 pages and 500 recipes. It contains generations of recipes from family and friends and I put it together to honor my ancestors. It is called "Cinagro Farm.....Family Favorites from the Farm and Beyond".

I've had people tell me Amazon is the best way, even though they want 55%. I think that is just a little too much. I'm a big fan of Amazon myself but I don't want to go in the red with the shipping and 55%.

I have done some local advertising and was able to get it into a local bookstore for 40% [this store has two locations], and I sell it on my website, which has been great for people out of state.

Let me know your ideas and thanks!