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what books should I read

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I'm in the Culinary Arts certificate course and I have been reading books on cooking and on becoming a chef. I got a $50. gift certificate card for my birthday and I was wondering what kind of books are good for reading on cooking and becoming a cook or chef.:chef:
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I assume you are talking about books and not cookbooks. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain- it's rude, crude and it is a vivid description of what you are really getting yourself into if you want to become a chef. Daniel Boulud's Letters to a Young Chef is another good one, as is Heat by Bill Buford.
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culinary artistry is a excellent choice
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Becoming a Chef by Andrew Dornenburg (Author), Karen Page (Author)

Culinary Artistry
by Andrew Dornenburg (Author), Karen Page
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all 4 of those book i have read and are great books!!! IMO
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In the next thread there is Pooh Book :)
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I am not sure if this is for you,but I joined "the Good Cook" and got 4 books of my choice for 4$. The best so far was a$90 book-The Professional Chef-CIA. I liked that it's 1200 pgs of basic stuff & stuff every chef needs to know. Managing a kitchen, safety, nutrition,soups & stocks, tools, world cuisines,meats,veggies,pastry,garde manger,etc. It's great & for a buck-totally worth it. I would have paid full price for the knowledge I gained from it...
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