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Icing question

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I'm going to be making some pineapple fritters, so I just need to refresh my memory, the icing that is used on fritters and other donuts, is basically a mixture of icing sugar and water, right ?, if it is then I'm assuming I could use pineapple juice instead. any advice is appreciated.
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i would typically use fondant (not rolled fondant) and a little water..... 10:1 ratio. mix and heat a little and then spread over pastries. or you can make what is called a string or flat icing. just mix powdered sugar and water... or in your case... the fruit juice. then string over pastrys. i hope this helps. if you would like more of an elbrate icing recipe for these fritters, let me know. i made a batch last weekend. they were GREAT
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Thank's Isaac, thats what I was looking for, a flat icing. So it is just icing sugar and liquid ?
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I make simple frosting a couple ways depending on what I'm putting it on. I have one just for glazed dougnuts it's like what they put on krisp Kremes clear and I roll the dougnut in it, xxx with milk (or juices) and vanilla for most items, but xxx (any flavor)emlusion and heavy cream is my favorite it's perfect for decorating on shortbread cookies.

I never use h2o in a simple frosting. I also hate working with fondant...it takes me longer to get the bucket open and scoop some out and melt then to make homemade simple frosting.

just offering another thought....oh, well.

Would you mind sharing your pineapple fritter recipe. I've never made them! Do you use fresh pineapple rings and dip in batter or drained crushed pineapple in a doughnut batter? ever hold them?
"Bakers are born, not made. We are exacting people who delight in submitting ourselves to rules and formulas if it means achieving repeatable perfection", Rose Levy Beranbaum
"Bakers are born, not made. We are exacting people who delight in submitting ourselves to rules and formulas if it means achieving repeatable perfection", Rose Levy Beranbaum
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What I am planning on doing, seeing as I really don't have a recipe per say, is just to make an apple fritter recipe, and substitute pineapple in place of the apples.
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well, when i was 16 years old, i was woking in a place that the chef would yell at me about food cost and since i was 16, i didnt really care but i figuared out that if i used water instead of something else, and added that to powedered sugar, it works... saved money too.

sont get me wrong.... then the cat was a way... the mise play!!! when chef was gone, i would sometimes use milk. sometimes i would use heavy cream. this ofered a thicker frosting with a fatter and richer flavor. sometimes i would go out to the expresso stand a get a falvored syrup and use that and imix that with powdered sugar. that works great too. sometimes i would take condenced milk that has been boiled in water for 1 or 2 hours, add alittle bit of milk or cream to it, add powdered sugar and walla....they sld like there was no tomarrow.

it all depends on what food cost you need to meet. trust me, water and powedered sugar worked great. people wanted the recipe. i just chuckled and said i woudld make them some.

hope this help.

ps. just take powdered sugar and put in bowl. add a little liquad and stir. keep adding liquad until it is the right consitancy. thick is good. i would wait until the fritters cooled down a little so the icin doesnt run off. if you are using cream or cream doublee, then you can add the icing on after it has baked.

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