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Hello from a new guy. Been reading for a while and now I'm legal.
Watch out.:lol:

I'm writing this in notepad. For some reason my longwinded
introduction is having difficulty getting through. Maybe my sloow
typing is to blame.

My name is John and I like to cook. Wife and I just compleated a
kitchen re-do and all went smoothly. I have a small but wonderful
kitchen. Love it!

My meals are simple but I try to be creative and make stuff up,
usually on a whim. The other day I did a chicken/pasta thing.
Soaked the chix breast in buttermilk, dusted in flour and pan fried.
Finger sliced and put atop spagetti noodles and made a white
sauce, for the first time. Had some extra buttermilk so I put that in
the white sauce. Ummm.

I've had some failures as well. I tried a new preperation for Chicken
Kiev that, well, flopped. I did make an impressive mess though. It
was a stovetop method. I'm going back to oven basted.

The usual stuff: chicken roasted, fried and rotissire? Tacos, chili,
pot roast (braised-foolproof) paninnis? and what else...seem like
it's dinnertime and I can't think of anything.

Dinner tonight will be brined fresh chicken with a bit of vinegar in
the brine. buttermilk biscuits, potatoes steamed whole w/skin on
and riced. Gravy, corn.