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slimy demi?

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A local elk farmer gave me a bunch for stock and there were quite a bit of shank bones with some good marrow. So I made the stock at home, like I always did, reduced it down, and froze it into ice cubes. Only it didn't quite freeze...This ever happen to anyone before? When I opened the freezer the next day, the cubes were kind of shiny...I have lots of other demi cubes (ie veal) in my own freezer no problem...

(Oh - and I'm a neurotic degreaser and skimmer, so I don't think that's it. Plus the bones were pretty lean...)
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did they freeze solid or were they kind of gelatin like?
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Gelatinous...they're still "solid", but it's like the outside of each cube isn't frozen...
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Sounds like collagen, which is a kind of protein found in marrow as well as connective tissue such as tendons. You're more than half way to an elk bordelaise.

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That's kind of what I originally thought, hadn't thought that I kind of had a pre-prepared bordelaise but then I wondered, "is it possible/bad at all, to use too many marrow bones in brown stock"? Has anyone ever made a veal demi with only shank and leg bones, and not been happy? Is it a waste of marrow bones to use them in stock. Is it a waste of marrow bones to use them for a demi? What's the meaning of life?

Thanks -
(P.S. I just realized that I have a really goofy name)
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It is definitely not a waste. I prefer marrow bones for my glace de veau. It sets up like mortar and has much richer flavor.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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