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Commercial Kitchen For Rent

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We have 2700 sq ft. Commercial Kitchen located N.E. Houston TX for rent.
Walk In Freezer, Ovens, Ice makers, etc.

If interested, please e-mail me @ chrisminkim@gmail.com

Thank you
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Commercial Kitchen Renatal

All, I have a reception hall in Charlotte, NC and currently considering on adding a commercial kitchen for rental.

  • What sort of items do you need when considering kitchen rentals?
  • Also is there anyone in this forum that is interested in Kitchen rental?
I have a partner who is hesitant of the idea, and if I can generate some possible leads, he will be come along 100%. Also if you have serious interest, we will make sure to include all your needs.


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My name is Chief Tama. I would like to prepare myself in case something dose happen to our business from closing in the Humble TX area. Today I get a visit from my landlord and she tells me that she is probably going to have to closed her property down because she cannot afford to pay for her liability insurance for both property and cannot pay for her back taxes. She's in a big mess. So, I am interested in getting some information on how to go about renting your kitchen for our catering that is already booked till the end of December. I am trying to see my options.


Any information would help.


Thank you,

Chief Tama Satoa

Hula Mamas Restaurant

Hawaiian BBQ Grill & Entertainment

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What is a "renatal"?

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