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Soy Beans and nutrition

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FYI..for those of you that may have not noticed or don't know the whole story. the article posted on this forum about soy and nutrition is extremely one sided and does not cover enough territory to be adequate as a guide for the nutritional basis of soy. i'd post links to the original, as well as several other studies, including methods for how the soy is prepared and consumed......but in my limited newbie status, i am unable to do so. the info is out there. please do your research beyond this very thinly written topic posted here.
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Just wondering what your view is . . .

That soy is great or overrated or what? I'm a fan of tofu and soy milk.
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Hmm I'm moving this to Late Night Cafe.
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wasn't sure where to post this and chose the forum where the original link to the article was posted....thanks!!!
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it does seem to be a discussion on food however, whereas the description of non-food discussions is part of the late night cafe title.
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