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I used to use a water bath and thought this was due diligence until I worked for a French-trained pastry chef who put me onto 80c no bath and no drama (as Cakeface posted.) A lot less hassle....have you ever flooded them while carrying?


With starch in it...that's Creme Patisserie


On the stovetop....that's Anglaise from a sabayon....a whisk has no place near a brulee


IMO the difference is a more grainy/less silky texture...I believe avoiding aerating your mix & then passing it, catches unwanted white before cooking avoiding this....


2 sprays of water speeds up the glazing or blitz up a hardened caramel to torch for a quick even result

"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
Allen Saunders, 1957.
"Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans."
Allen Saunders, 1957.
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I have a question, I made a cranberry coffee creme brulee for work. the recipe was one they used to make a peach creme brulee. it did not set up and curdled when it was cooked.



2c heavy cream

2 c half and half

2c cranberry juice

1 tsp coffee extract


2 c liquid yolks

14 oz sugar


the cranberry taste wasnt quite there so we used IQF cranberries (about 1 c) that we chopped and added to the mixture after it was tempered into the egg/ sugar mixture. I strained the berries out before baking.

cooked in a water bath at 350 in a conventional oven


It started bubbling and did not setup


Does the cranberries have something to do with it not setting??

should i have cooked the cranberries first?

Do they contain a enyzme to prevent it from setting?

Should i have increased the yolks?

Lower temp in cooking? They have used this temp to cook all other creme brulees that set fine



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Cranberry coffee? That's a strange flavor combo. 


Cranberries are very acidic and it doesn't surprise me that the brulee did not set up. Acidity curdles milk products. I found a recipe here for Cranberry Vanilla Creme Brulee, and noticed that it called for cranberry sauce to be spooned into the bottom of the ramekins BEFORE adding the vanilla mixture on top. Interesting to note that the brulee mixture was NOT infused with cranberry whatsoever. So you could copy this recipe and just pour the coffee flavored brulee mixture on top of the cranberry sauce in the ramekins and voila! You have coffee cranberry brulee, and have no worries about curdling or set-up issues.


Here's the recipe link:

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