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im near completion of my autumn menu and i need just one more beef dish to finish it. as im in a costal town, i use the local seafood where ever possible. i have so far come up with this

300gm sirloin on a prawn and scallop risotto.
can anyone add to that, served with something else and even a sauce.

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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Autunm menu!! wow most of us are scratching our heads trying to come up with tomorrow night's specials, the way that food prices are going right now (have you looked at the price of flour lately) I would be very careful before committing to a menu that is 5 months away, keep local, keep flexible and keep them coming back with good flavors.
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You could always add some foi gras to that dish, it seems to be getting a lot of publicity lately, personally I think the prawn and scallop rissoto could stand alone and doesn't really need a steak, sometimes (or most times) a well cooked (not well done) steak is the dish, it doesn't need to compete with anything else on the plate, just a classic sauce to compliment, but that's just one Chef's opinion to another
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A ragout of oven dried heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic and caramelized shallots, topped with a dab of toasted fennel butter.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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Well since you are working on a beef dish I think that the shellfish risotto would stand alone too. I know you want to make use of your local fresh fish and so would I, but a beef dish in my opinion should showcase the beef. Even a surf and turf would only be half way towards a beef dish in my opinion. The foie gras sounds good though.
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i like the sound of the rissotto,why not do a rissotto cake flavoured with dried out scallop roe,and for the sauce try a beetroot and horseradish glaze,ideal for autumn.by the way were are you?
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Yep, I agree.
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Steak. for the love of meat.

Surf and turf? Really?
foie gras, Obvious!

If it's to be a fall steak dish, it should showcase both the steak and the fall vegetables. The Steak should be simply grilled, and how about a agnolotti filled with celery root puree' or a few horse radish gnocchi tossed with a little gorgonzola dolce and cream? You could top it with red onion confit or a nice reduction that compliments the veg as well....
..a ragout of chanterelles and chard topped with shaved pecorino?
the options are endless.
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
nel maiale, tutto e buono!
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