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Many thanks ALynch for your post. Apparently research is not my forte. I have tried many times to find this info on the ACF site and also on various search engines and always draw a blank. Appreciate the help.
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I did run across two statements on the ACF website that indicated that the US labor department or bureau of labor recognizes cooking as a professional trade or something to that effect. One of the statements indicated that the recognition was made back in 1976.
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What national standards are in place to define the position Chef? Emphasis on NATIONAL....

Here, in Canada we have the "Red Seal". True, this is a Gov't recognized test, but it is JUST a test, a written one--usually 2-250 multiple choice questions. That's it.
Problem is, every Province has thier own rules for the "Red Seal" test. Only one Province out of all 10, Alberta, requires an actual live cooking component as part of the "Red Seal". Every man/school/Province for themselves, there is no national standard
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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I agree there isn't a national standard. The closest thing we have is the certification process offered by the ACF. CIA has teamed with ACF in offering what they call Pro Chef certification. They have three levels which appear to correleate to the ACF's certified culinarian, chef de cusine, and certified executive chef.

My take on the ACF's efforts is that they are trying to gain professional recognition of the people in the culinary industry, beyond just the celebrity chef phenomenom. The biggest accomplishment it appears, is getting that bureau of labor recognition in 1976. In the following 30 plus years not much has moved forward. There are probably many reasons for this. Lack of interest form many different segments of society i.e. gov't, foodservice owners and operators, the people who do come from schools feeling too broke to spend more money, people who don't see the schools or formal apprenticeships as necessary, and the public.
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chap, you got the issues addressed!! I feel for you......
tell you what, I am opening a new restaurant soon; I train my guys on the job.....the colleges send someone once a week to evaluate them:see, we work in tandem with the syllabus.....and because I am that little crazy, we go off on a tangent. So they learn that little bit more than a regular college kid....and they earn into the bargain. On competency/flexibility/adaptability/experience, they are that much more ahead. And yes, I agree with you, more should be done by employers, colleges, governments to figure out a level playing field for all graduates.
Crazy industry, not much by way of pros-lots of cons.....but by heavens....only you will appreciate the wholesome, life defining moment every single time you know you have hit it right!!! Every single time!!!!!Hang on in there, the cons are nothing compared to your feeling....stay strong...........
have a look @www-crazychefs.wetpaint.com
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Blimey...A Chef?
Essentially a cook, who's done his time, is qualified(basic and advanced!!!) a recognised skillsman/craftsman, artist, trainer, motivator, knowlegeable, businessman-the beans do count to stay afloat!!! And it all comes with experience, garnered wherever one sees fit/satisfactory. Being affiliated to some organisation does not a chef make(more a recognition of the wealth of knowledge, skills, and cronyism.Fair point!) My mother is an an amazing cook, but without the qualifications, attributes, the drive to hang on in there when it is all not happening, being in control and leading the brigade.....what the ******! Her repertoire is limited. On the other hand....a chef knows a lot about alot...I mean a lot....Being so armoured, a chef will survive in any environment.......!!!!!!
And that is why we have de-parties, commis, apprentice, and sous. Chef is Chef, Chief...to be obvious. Fancy badging is just that....setting ourselves above others....hopefully to inspire to greater achievements. Elitist?
But a chef really has to prove himself........yeah.......do the time........Earn the stripes and make them count.....for the kids, for the future...for the industry.....
Kali you are not bitter...a realist if you ask me....
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It's OK. Just blanch in hot water a couple times to remove the bitterness. :D
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shoot this thread is still going on anyway i guess ill update myself on the ways i am going about things. I am still thinking about the navy but right now things are starting to come along i got a job at a restaurant again dishwasher/ SALAD MANNN dun dun dun first restaurant i worked in when i was younger was a pizza/ italian restaurant were the amazing skilled italian cooks and chefs spoke spanish yea i didn't know italians spoke mexican /sarcasim off 2nd one i worked in was my friends dads restaurant a greek restaurant that he owned i actually cooked breakfast on the weekends there when i was 17 so u know i have mad breakfast skills dudes but his place burned down i am 19 in case your wondering so two places i could not understand the cooks at i learned some greek and spanish though on my ways i know what your thinking though this dudethatsmine guy should learn how to type english better before he picks up on other languages:suprise:.

But i am starting to lean more to the idea of working more in this kitchen then ill go to school but the school i am looking at is a hour away but i can make that commute no problems and good thing about that is i know a chef down there that can hook me up after my classes are over with a job down there in NJ wile i am learning in school ill just be paying for gas money and subway fairs to cross back and forth from NY to NJ cheaper then living down there so thats my plan right now folks i know i been bouncing around a lot of ideas but i am thinking this is a good way for me right now i think its more in my reach. Oh your wondering how i know the chef its beacuse hes my cousins boyfriend i am in luck lol :cool: takeingggg fulllll advantage of this crap.

oh on a side note i am not liking this dishwashing gig right now they are throwing **** from to far away in the kitchen and splashing water in my face makes me want to shoot them god they do not listen to me they think i am making it up or something like water plus object does not equal splash in face and the busboy gets in my ****ing way god i hate him lol who the **** hires a fatass busboy no offense to fatass busboys sorry lol.
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